COMPANION DOG CLUB is the oldest obedience club in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area. Established in 1959 as a non-profit organization, it has grown from modest beginnings to a membership of nearly 100 people, most of whom are actively showing in obedience, working to prepare for show, or involved in other dog related events.

From puppy kindergarten to advanced training, we offer several levels of classes aimed at a variety of needs: from the pet owner who wants a well mannered member of their household to the person preparing to compete in the obedience ring. In addition to our obedience classes, we also offer agility classes. Most of our classes are taught by instructors who have trained their own dog(s) to an obedience and/or agility title.

Although Companion is primarily an obedience training organization, many members are involved in other activities with their dogs. The club has an active flyball team and supports agility training. Many members also participate in field work, conformation, den trials, herding tests, tracking, lure coursing, barn hunt and pet-facilitated therapy.

As you can see, Companion Dog Club offers a wide variety of classes and activities.

If the Omaha Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, Companion’s classes will also be cancelled.