Agility provides a sport in which both the handler and dog are challenged to make their way through and over a series of jumps and obstacles. It strengthens the relationship between dog and handler in a most unique way. Dogs progress from random, disconnected pleasure seekers to partners trying to please both of you on a course. Handlers can go from wondering if their dog will ever do anything they are asked to do, to confident (we hope) teammates giving clear instructions that their partner joyfully carries out. To go from a beginning team to competitors at agility trials, Companion Dog Club offers a series of courses to help you along the way.

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We also offer Agility Fun Matches open to all. View upcoming Fun Matches.

Unless otherwise specified, all classes meet once a week for one hour at the Companion Dog Club training building at 10803 No. 72nd Street in Omaha, NE. Companion Dog Club members receive a $10 discount on all classes.