Agility provides a sport in which both the handler and dog are challenged to make their way through and over a series of jumps and obstacles. It strengthens the relationship between dog and handler in a most unique way. Dogs progress from random, disconnected pleasure seekers to partners trying to please both of you on a course. Handlers can go from wondering if their dog will ever do anything they are asked to do, to confident (we hope) teammates giving clear instructions that their partner joyfully carries out. To go from a beginning team to competitors at agility trials, Companion Dog Club offers a series of courses to help you along the way.

  1. Foundations of Agility Classes: Foundations classes (Beginning and Progressing) are offered at various times throughout the year. In these two classes dogs and handlers learn foundations of shaping and targeting, rear-end awareness and balance, games and impulse control, foundations of a confident recall among other skills. Dogs that have taken a “puppy class” or a “Pet 1” class can be successful in Beginning Foundations of Agility class.
  2. Obstacles and Weaves Classes: Starting in November 2017, Obstacles and Weaves classes will be taught on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Six-week class sessions will alternate between “Beginning Obstacles and Weaves” and “Progressing Obstacles and Weaves.” The class will teach students how to safely train their dogs to confidently and reliably perform the three contact obstacles as well as other “obstacles” found on Agility Courses. Weaves will be taught using a combination of the “2 x 2” method and the “channel” method plus wires. To progress through these classes, students are encouraged to practice between classes. This class is taught with dogs “off leash” so dogs must have a recall.
  3. Handling Classes: Starting in November 2017, two handling classes will be offered on Thursday evenings. Handling classes build from Foundations and Obstacles and Weaves classes and are done “off leash.” From 6:15 to 7:15 we will offer “Topics in Handling,” and from 7:30 to 8:30 we will offer “Handling Course Work.” Topics classes may focus on exercises to improve jumping skills, becoming comfortable with crosses, and handling obstacles and weaves in the context of a short course. The focus of each session will change throughout the year. “Handling Coursework” classes will concentrate on 10 – 15 obstacle sequences. Frequently there will be multiple handling options for the sequences which will often come from courses at recent AKC and CPE trials. The course is designed as both the last class before starting to trial and “continuing education” as you and your dog trial.
  4. Other Offerings: Periodically we hope to offer classes for those either trialing or getting ready to trial. Our first offering will be a series of 3, 2-hour sessions each taught by a different experienced handler each week. Students will get different perspectives on courses and how to handle them each week.
  5. Agility Fun Matches: During the colder months, CDC will offer Agility Fun Matches open to all. View upcoming Fun Matches.

We offer the following agility classes:

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Unless otherwise specified, all classes meet once a week for one hour at the Companion Dog Club training building at 10803 No. 72nd Street in Omaha, NE. Companion Dog Club members receive a $10 discount on all classes.