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Unlock More Fun with Your Furry Friends

Here is What Members Get

  • A place to Learn-Play-Train with your dog(s) all year-round
    Companion Dog Club’s large heated and air-conditioned facility is 100% dedicated to dog sports training. There is easy parking at the club building and plenty of green space outside for dogs to exercise or use the designated potty area.
  • Training space and equipment are available 24/7
    Purchasing a Trainer’s Pass Key allows you to have a key to the front door and leave a personal crate in the building. Training equipment of all types is available for member’s use.
  • Save $20.00 on every CDC class
    Learn new skills and register for a training class at CDC at a great member-only discount. Popular puppy classes are held year-round. Foundation to master classes are available for any age or breed in many types of dog sports. Classes with dates and times are listed on this site.
  • A single membership pays for itself after 2 class discounts
    Individual member fee ($30.00) less 2 class discounts (-$40.00) = Fee Paid + $10.00
  • A family membership fee is only $5.00 after 2 class discounts
    Family member fee ($45.00) less 2 class discounts (-$40.00) = $5.00
  • Members can practice Obedience, Flyball, Conformation and Rally with others during Member’s Practice Sessions
    Most members consider this as practicing in a trial environment. The website calendar will have the exact dates for these sessions. Plan on a drop-in fee.
  • Meet new, like-minded people through the club
    Members receive club bulletins and newsletters via email system. An invitation to join the list is sent to new members who then opt-in.
  • Competitors can attend Trials, Barn Hunts, Seminars, Fun Runs, and Show’n Go events at CDC
    Training events are presented throughout the year for members and their dogs to practice their skills. Sanctioned AKC, CPE, and UKC competitions (trials) are hosted in the CDC facility as well. Fees will apply and exact dates will be found on the website calendar.
  • Members who volunteer serve the nonprofit dog community
    Companion Dog Club is a nonprofit organization and depends on volunteers to have their helping hands in virtually everything. Getting involved is a great way to learn new training skills and make new friends.