Agility Fun Matches

Agility Fun Matches are places to have fun with your dog and to “train” in a show-like environment. A standard course will be set and numbered for those who wish to run the course set in CDC’s 115 x 42 foot ring. At 2:00 the course will be renumbered to provide different challenges. The course will include the contacts and weave polls along with jumps, tunnels, and the table. During your time, you are welcome to run the course, make-up your own course with the obstacles in their place, or train on a few obstacles.

The fee will be $8.00 for a 3 minute run, $15.00 for 2 runs, or $ 20.00 for 3 runs. Second dog – $10.00.

There will be time to walk the course in between rounds.

Registration opens at 10:00 AM closes at 2:00 PM